Universal emotions and experiences, like love, hate, pain, happiness … rejection. As long as you have experienced any living in this life you have gone through rejecting and being rejected. Its like one of the engines that turns the wheels of life. Whether from a job, family, a loved one, school..It is sharp and distinct,… Continue reading REJECTION


Of Perfect Imperfections and Worldly Anxieties

Being a writer is an exercise that many who go by this title grapple with everyday. There are those who do it as their day job, the one that puts the food on the table yet there are those that write to fill up what they call hobby time. I am the latter. Because I… Continue reading Of Perfect Imperfections and Worldly Anxieties

Short Stories · Thoughts & REFLECTIONS


I didn’t know if I had the strength to forge on. My life felt like it was falling apart on multiple fronts and the fact that I had to put up a brave face every day to the world made the situation even worse. My therapist had just told me it was the anxiety of… Continue reading Flighty…