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Dreams of the City

You always see a different perspective when you are looking at something from the inside and the outside, the near and the far. It makes you see something you don’t normally consider in your day to day life. And even better when you re-have those perspectives. I used to imagine Nairobi in my head before… Continue reading Dreams of the City

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Who are you?

  When we define ourselves in our minds, who are we? I ask myself that question from time to time because change is constant. And you have to be phenomenal to have a strong growth game. Always re-inventing and introducing yourself anew to the world. Nowadays with the onset of technology, you can actually tell… Continue reading Who are you?

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Picture this

Picture this for a moment. Whatever age you are. Whatever year you were born.  Lets use mine for practicalities sake.  Im 21… quite old if you ask me.  Im heading to my quater crisis and im trying my best not to freak out and have a meltdown but take it graceful. Im not ashamed of… Continue reading Picture this

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The Dreaded Attachments

Most people finishing second or third year have these overwhelming feelings… feelings to do with attachment. You know its a phase you can skip but you are not willing to… a risk you cant afford to take if you are not Uhuru’s son or daughter(i wish i was a first daughter… imagine the opportunities!). So… Continue reading The Dreaded Attachments