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Book/Author Review: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

So… my resident favourite author is in the news. Chimamanda is back! Relax now…another book is not yet here (but soon…very soon). She has been making waves since she spilled that she just gave birth to a girl and her troubles with depression during an interview on Lunch with the FT Both great news because… Continue reading Book/Author Review: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Book Review


As far as classics go… this is the mother of them. The queen. You cant change my mind about that. I searched for reviews on the book and came up with plenty. The book that shook the 18th Century with its deep expression of the human need for love, happiness and satisfaction against societal norms.… Continue reading ANNA KARENINA

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Reduced to a shell

Sitting on the cool chair in the verandah and observing the skyline, she relieved it all. The past 10years flashed before her eyes. A tear caught at her throat… she felt mercurial about it. The events of that decade feeling unreal. Like they were part of another’s life and not her own. The life was… Continue reading Reduced to a shell

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Family …. that unit in life that describes so much. our first taste of association. How we perceive the world begins from here. Each such unit has its own dynamics. Whether made of single mother, single father, both parents, adopted parents, gay parents(dont crucify me for this)… All these units can also have any number… Continue reading FAMILY DYNAMICS