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The Politics of Kenya

I did  random survey, Millenials (as the world has come to call radical 20somethings) do not want to vote. They simply do not see the point. They would rather have that free day to sleep after long days of working or better yet go have a day out with their friends doing what millenials do.… Continue reading The Politics of Kenya

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The shipwreck that is African Leadership

Africa’s notorious propensity to have “funny” leaders is out of this world. All these presidents, most whom, despite knowing politics to the tee, know nothing about economics on a global scale and are just conversant with mere basics. They rule with iron fists, not understanding that we are out of the woods of colonialism and… Continue reading The shipwreck that is African Leadership

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An education system that fails us

Everywhere around the world  education has been hailed and exalted as the stepping stone to that bright and successful future. We crave for it and work hard for that education. From the minute we stop crawling we are put in those patterned uniforms to join fellows like us in the beginning of this quest for… Continue reading An education system that fails us

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This is Kenya … the land of milk and honey. We are known the world over (and probably in other worlds and universes if they exist) for alot of things. We are famous for alot having put our name in various facets of the world. we rule the marathons and races we have world renowned… Continue reading THE BRIBING NATION