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Tea Lady

There is this lady in the office who walks around the office as if on a timer collecting tea cups from people. People who are either too busy or too lazy to take their used cups to the tea area. Most times, these cups have been sitting there with cold coffee that has a thin… Continue reading Tea Lady

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Dreams of the City

You always see a different perspective when you are looking at something from the inside and the outside, the near and the far. It makes you see something you don’t normally consider in your day to day life. And even better when you re-have those perspectives. I used to imagine Nairobi in my head before… Continue reading Dreams of the City

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Book/Author Review: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

So… my resident favourite author is in the news. Chimamanda is back! Relax now…another book is not yet here (but soon…very soon). She has been making waves since she spilled that she just gave birth to a girl and her troubles with depression during an interview on Lunch with the FT Both great news because… Continue reading Book/Author Review: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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Redefining what it means to be a man

Its Father’s Day, a day when people go online and post about how their fathers have shaped their lives, toiled for them, given them what they never had themselves and how they have been there for them. It might be true and it might be a farce given that social media promotes the culture of… Continue reading Redefining what it means to be a man

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The Politics of Kenya

I did  random survey, Millenials (as the world has come to call radical 20somethings) do not want to vote. They simply do not see the point. They would rather have that free day to sleep after long days of working or better yet go have a day out with their friends doing what millenials do.… Continue reading The Politics of Kenya

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A poem for “those” days

Resist the urge to listen to those who try to tell you who you should be; you know yourself better than anyone could. But also resist the urge to be deaf for there are things about you you only learn through someone else. Resist the urge to be hard for in softness lies formidable strength.… Continue reading A poem for “those” days

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Who are you?

  When we define ourselves in our minds, who are we? I ask myself that question from time to time because change is constant. And you have to be phenomenal to have a strong growth game. Always re-inventing and introducing yourself anew to the world. Nowadays with the onset of technology, you can actually tell… Continue reading Who are you?