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I didn’t know if I had the strength to forge on. My life felt like it was falling apart on multiple fronts and the fact that I had to put up a brave face every day to the world made the situation even worse. My therapist had just told me it was the anxiety of… Continue reading Flighty…

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A poem for “those” days

Resist the urge to listen to those who try to tell you who you should be; you know yourself better than anyone could. But also resist the urge to be deaf for there are things about you you only learn through someone else. Resist the urge to be hard for in softness lies formidable strength.… Continue reading A poem for “those” days

Short Stories

Reduced to a shell

Sitting on the cool chair in the verandah and observing the skyline, she relieved it all. The past 10years flashed before her eyes. A tear caught at her throat… she felt mercurial about it. The events of that decade feeling unreal. Like they were part of another’s life and not her own. The life was… Continue reading Reduced to a shell

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The Road i forgot still existed

I remember when  we  were in  high school church was a mandatory requirement…. you couldnt miss it. It was sacred… everything we learnt revolved around seeking God’s guidance. It was great counting on Him. Over the years it seemed to slip away. That assuarance… that certainity… that trust. Life and all its misgivings happened. In… Continue reading The Road i forgot still existed