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Tea Lady

There is this lady in the office who walks around the office as if on a timer collecting tea cups from people. People who are either too busy or too lazy to take their used cups to the tea area. Most times, these cups have been sitting there with cold coffee that has a thin film of darkness at the top…reeking of neglect. This lady comes around every 30 or so minutes to make sure no cups are running a mock in the office. Suffice to say, she runs a tight ship. Always brandishing this sombre looking. I imagine her counting the sugar by the bowlfuls as she prepares her day. One or two times I will catch a glimpse (because I’m nosy and she fascinates me) of her looking at the screens of the other employees, with defiance of course. As if she has the secrets to life’s most pressing matters and knows we are just slaves in the grand scheme of things. Life is an animal farm right?
The only time I ever see her smile is when you make eye contact while you give her your empty cup and say thank you. She has that motherly look. The one that says i appreciate good manners and I detest lipstick on cups. The latter seems to irk her but you will never know. She once told me she has learnt the art of taking life with a pinch of salt.
She has been serving tea and minding after people in this office for over 20 years.

“Don’t you get bored or anxious for more”
She has a faraway look when she answers
“I am content with my blessings”


How often does humanity ever factor contentment in their lives? That they are happy where they are, how they are and who they are with? Always wanting more. Isn’t it a fatal flaw in our DNA?
Asked if she is not worried that one day she will not be needed and will be made obsolete by some robot wielding 10 arms to carry all the cups in one trip, She laughed heartily at my “wild” imagination.
“The day that happens, then maybe it will be my time to retire. Also, that robot won’t make as good tea as I do”
On that account I had to agree with her because her coffee (yes hers, its owned) smells of fresh dreams and renewed optimism
For someone so important(because if there is one thing a corporate office can’t survive without, it is caffeine) her stealth and uncanny ability to be invisible is something of a marvel.

Do you ever notice the tea lady? Do you ever acknowledge her contribution to the grand scheme of things. She reminds me of the butterfly effect.
Say hi to your tea lady one of these days


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