You cannot draw on the future
Impossible to get into debt
You can only waste a passing moment
You cannot waste tomorrow
It is kept from you
You have to live on this 24hours of time
Out of it you have to spin health,
and the evolution of your immortal soul
It’s right use…is a matter of the highest urgency

Why do you view your hours at work as your day?
And the rest as a margin?
You say your day is already overflowing
You actually spend it earning your livelihood
How much?
Seven hours on the average
And in sleep?
I will add another two just to be generous
And I will deft you to account for me
The other 8hrs on the spur of the moment

Beware of undertaking too much at the start
Be content with quite little
Allow for accidents
Allow for human nature
Especially your own…
A glorious failure is better than a petty success


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