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Dreams of the City

You always see a different perspective when you are looking at something from the inside and the outside, the near and the far. It makes you see something you don’t normally consider in your day to day life. And even better when you re-have those perspectives. I used to imagine Nairobi in my head before I actually came here. And now it has become home…I see it everyday and it shows me all its facets. I hear so many stories of Nairobi having thugs and it feels funny to me because I’ve actually never once been robbed. Its an interesting place. That has its beautiful and its ugly. Its also the place where you can do anything. When Human of New York came to Kenya…I saw it captured in a beautiful light. No one tells you that you’ll get here and it will have  you having fun, and thinking and making yourself a better person. It also does show you that you’ll encounter hardships of being broke yet none of your friends will tell you they are…it’s and unspoken secret. You’ll make amazing friends in all the places you are lucky to work and even if you tarmac for a while…you’ll still make those amazing friends…to weather you through the hard times.

Its a great time we are living in where we can see our friends on social media having a good time even if we don’t normally meet. Because we are all trying to figure out this hell that gives us different devils to deal with. It gives you a break from family and make new families…of friendship and love. I got to experience Nairobi’s skyline from a distance and it looked majestic. It looked like a pile of concrete and you couldn’t see the people…and you imagined them in that concrete jungle. I figured for someone who had lived there all their life, they had those dreams they attached to that concrete jungle. A silhouette at best that looked both tempting and daunting. Maybe they long to one day come to “The Big Apple” or maybe they have no desire to. But we are all from different backgrounds here trying to make our great count. As a quote in a book I’m currently reading (will review it in a week, keep tuned) “this is your kingdom and your reign and at any moment the keys are with you and only you”

What was and is your dreams of the city?


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