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The Politics of Kenya

I did  random survey, Millenials (as the world has come to call radical 20somethings) do not want to vote. They simply do not see the point. They would rather have that free day to sleep after long days of working or better yet go have a day out with their friends doing what millenials do. The country feels like it is slipping into the abyss of madness as we have witnessed in South Sudan and other war torn countries. A situation which is seemingly becoming acceptable as a norm rather than the exception. This is despite most people vowing that after 2007 we would not subject ourselves and our future generations to come to such inhumanity in our souls.

Every day a fire we thought was dying keeps being stocked. I personally blame these politicians. They have the might to send their children and families overseas should shit hit the fan in the next few months. Meanwhile, they are happy to advocate for more hellfire with the excuse of “we are fighting for your rights”. No Mr/Mrs/Miss politician! You are not fighting for anyone but your self gratification. I know power is intoxicating, in whatever environement be it as a politician, in the corporate world or in the sports arena. But Kenya is slowly erasing the line it viowed never to cross again. Are we really back in the era of assasinations, public funds looting and never ending riots. Maybe we simply never left. That could be the case here.

This is primarily why the youth do not see the point of voting anymore. Ask any youth in your vicinity, Its a waste of your time because you will think the guy charming your county with promises of grandeur will make a difference, not knowing that it is all a facade and you are jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Im worried about my country, Im worried about what this constant bickering reflects to our future generations. I am worried that the next elections will precipitate a war of humongous proportions. And the saddest part is that im not thinking it alone. Only that people are too busy trying to amasse their wealth and hit the next paycheck.

But as i nod off…there will be no paycheck and deal tomorrow if Kenya crashes and burns due to the idiocy of some politicians not to let  sleeping dogs lie with their grudges…and if Kenyans keep giving them the amo to keep at it


2 thoughts on “The Politics of Kenya

  1. Who is a politician or a leader without a people. If a people do not make an informed decision not just in an election but in their very own actions they suffer. We must not follow leaders into the dark. For who is a leader without a people.
    I have read through some of your post and I very much like the life in your words.


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