Female Humour


Has anyone ever asked you if you are funny? I mean life is never that serious right? You just let it rip. But whether you are laughing for real or using those lol types or the smiley faces on whatsapp that have all sorts of variations (i swear you could find a smiley face of hippo laughing at this rate!)…laughing is the sugar of life. Different things are funny to different people. I could find someone jumping off a waterfall hilarious while for someone  else it could be horrifying and terrifying. The crux of the matter is just simple…dark humour is the best kind. Especially when its witty, sarcastic and downright in-your-face. And who better to make you laugh than a pretty female. Laughter ranks up there with good sex. A not so good looking guy can warm a girl’s heart with a good sense of humour. (its the truth)

So are you funny? This only counts if its an external opinion coz…no one audits their own ability to make people laugh? If your parents told you you’re funny, chances are you ain’t! Parents love everything you do…almost. Unless you are Eric Omondi. If you have ever been expelled from school for pulling one up on a teacher or dishing out some nasty ass comment back and then you came back a hero and suddenly your popularity score card hit the roof…here is your Certificate from the Honarary school of Funny People! I had this friend in high school who at one time ceremoniously stood and said she knows without a doubt that she does  not have a funny bone, she had funny BONES. I don’t know if she was high or just bugged out by that Kiswahili class but the teacher just asked her why she thought so and she gave such a classic answer. Her reason was quite simple. She was now in form 3 and had no tits (Guys were crazy about boobs back then, still are! They would jump off a building if it meant landing a hand on one) so she figured she had to make up for the fact that she had a moustache…and no boobs! People have the wierdest senses of humour. Girls’ senses of humour come from many different place. Maybe your parents were funny, or you grew up in a funny environment where family time involved watching Kevin Hart or Ridiculousness on MTV, or your life was so messed up you had to be funny to crawl out of that misery. funny1

And female humour is just coming of age. In the 50s there were no female comedians. But guess what! It ain’t the 50s no more! No guy would want to admit that his girl is funnier than him. Its like the new  socialite in town. People for sure are terrified of funny girls. I mean how dare you be beautiful and intelligent…AND funny! I mean who do you think you are?! A magical person with boobs!? I think its quite easy to be funny. I asked a couple of guys I know if they think they are funny and they all said “Hell yeah, I’m funny”. So i followed it with how does one become funny. I kid you not, 90% told me…”just say whatever the hell comes to you mind..WHEN it comes to you mind”. Pretty foolproof if you ask me.

Laughter is so important. If you don’t laugh at the shit around you on a day to day basis, you will LOSE YOUR MIND! But there are so many different types of laughs such as:

  1. When you are doing a sweet cute laugh where you want to look pretty while laughing to that guy you want to impress
  2. The whole howling typa thing laugh with your whole body…while snorting(haha)
  3. The drunk laughter that comes from the pit of your belly
  4. The office laugh, especially if its your boss who just gave you an earful and you don’t wanna admit that he got the funny gene too
  5. The silent laugh where you are trying to not break the things around you
  6. The evil laugh that sounds like you can make a baby cry if it was in the room
  7. The fake laugh which happens more than real laughing nowadays. BTW…Its not funny. Its like faking an orgasm. Like, what’s the point? Who are you helping?
  8. The friend zone laugh for the guy who you think is funny but you dont wanna send the wrong idea and have him thinking you are attractive (oops sorry!)


Laugh your heart away, even if you have a weird laugh, it wont ruin your chances. People with a sense of humour are always winning. And isn’t winning what life is all about?

*Laughs are not deal breakers!





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