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The shipwreck that is African Leadership

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Africa’s notorious propensity to have “funny” leaders is out of this world. All these presidents, most whom, despite knowing politics to the tee, know nothing about economics on a global scale and are just conversant with mere basics. They rule with iron fists, not understanding that we are out of the woods of colonialism and dictatorship. It should be a requirement for one intending to pursue presidency to have a background in Finance or Economics at least and if not…we will gladly take Political Science because I hope some of the technicalities of running a country should be basic knowledge. Africa has such growth potential as evidenced by the uptake of business in various sectors and industries of the various African economies. But all that is in vain if the rot that ails us starts at the top with corruption, fraud, tax evasion and the likes being the norm.

Currently, South Africa is the latest country to display this arrogance at how the world works and how “not caring” will eventually break the country at its very root. This is not just a South African problem, look at our own country for instance. We are experts at sweeping dirt under the rug, firing people when they oppose the rule and doing a complete overhaul of the country leadership. Hiring three different ministers in a span of a week or reshuffling the executive branch of a country does nothing if the core issues are not ironed out. Accountability is lacking when leaders assume they can get away with being pompous, extravagant and outright disregarding the rule of law. Yes, there are leaders who are trying, but trying is not enough, Africa just needs better stewards of their economies and largely their countries. Leadership is not just about being at the top, it’s about the right amount of “dreaming and squeezing the lemon” in tandem.

What the Tanzanian president is doing should be lauded. It is telling the “nobles” and “elitist” members of society that the country is not just theirs but of the people. Using public funds to further personal agendas is a classic case of selfishness and blatant disregard for the welfare of a country. I like that non-government owned companies are paving the way by declaring their wealth. No minister in his right mind would want that but then they will do it. They are accountable to the public at the very least. But what good does that do when the wealth they are declaring was amassed through fraudulent means? Do we solve a problem or coat it to look less ugly and evil? The policies and ideologies that revolutionaries have advanced of selflessness, mutual respect, transparency and consideration are what will take Africa and the rest of the world to the next decade. Because money and power are just but fleeting greats in a world that is changing on its axis day by day. But then others would digress and say:” Don’t hate the player…hate the game” …What do you think?


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