That inner voice

Carl Jung

Our subconscious tells us truths about ourselves we would rather not know. Too afraid we are to see ourselves for who we truly are. We grasp an inner understanding of life and all its machinations but never want to fit it into our true selves and acknowledge. I guess thats why people have secrets, others have skeletons and others have closets. Our minds are like banks with secret vaults. They only open with the right combination and very few  have theirs.

The brain is so extraordinary. It can tell others about you while still keeping you in the  dark… it can tell you about others and keep them guessing. If  the eyes are the mirrors to the soul then the brain is the reflection that stares right  back. 

We speak to ourselves the truths that no one will ever tell us. The most sobering raw realities,  our inner selves tell us. Only the strong  are willing to take that and go with it. But many are always  in denial. “My mind is playing tricks on me”. No its not…you are. By not acknowleding and truly embracing yourself. We connect to all the strange things in the  world. Each person uniquely.

Sometimes  i feel i  should have done psychology instead of the mind grinding… and id love psychology  too but it would probably  mess up my brain beyond where it stands. But at the  age  i  am i freak out at  how much and  how little i know of myself(its a juxtaposition i  know)

But that’s life. It only let’s you in  to glimpse only  on  so much  before it closes the  curtains and you are  left in the  dark again. Most people in the world live on faith on a daily basis. Truth is, most of us do not  know  where we are headed and admitting we are  clueless on  the next chapters of our livea would be like annoucing we  are frauds. So the inner voice guides us. It’s  always true.  Its  the eye in  the storm that is our lives.  The  compass in  that trecherous sea. Its  never wrong. But  listening to it is the hardest yet most gratifying decision you will ever make.


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