Book Review


As far as classics go… this is the mother of them. The queen. You cant change my mind about that. I searched for reviews on the book and came up with plenty. The book that shook the 18th Century with its deep expression of the human need for love, happiness and satisfaction against societal norms. Doesn’t that just make you want to hug it already? Hmph! Its even been made into a movie. I actually heard it being refrenced in Nikita season finale(Alexandra Urdinov pegged as the “splashiest” party girl/socialite since Anna Karenina). That should tell you its simply amazing!

Since im not going to be doing spoilers as i really want you to read the book, ill try tell you what its about… without actually telling you. The story centers on Anna Karenina a high society lady and her lifr laden with an affair that changes her life forever. That runs parallel with the story of an acquaintance Levin who seeks  spirituality and a deeper understanding of life.

Its a great book applicable even in this time we live in as it highlights key societal issues such as morality, religion, families, social class, spirituality, femininity to mention but a few. This russian book is an entertaining and tragic story. Leo Tolstoy(the author) definitely outdid himself. Its been translated to English and you can get the softcopy anywhere. Even if you are no fan of classics… this will ignite that love.


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