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The power of the tongue… what comes out can be stored in the mind, written and recorded verbally. It is powerful in that what we say tells the world who we are. It expresses us to the world and we always want to make that moment of fame count. That moment of great inspiration, we always want to make it count.

There are millions all over the world who have passed and will never be remembered. They who did not leave their mark on the world with the power of their tongues. That is mere existence and id like to think we all want to live. To be remembered as having made an impact with our ideas and thoughts on the world. The people who relish in this are those who say a sentence and it is carried through centuries. Or those who write books, stories, their Imaginations and they resonate across the world even past their deaths.

Saying something crazily wise that no one has ever uttered and having it remembered is no mere fete. Whether it is remembered by the members of your family only, your friends, your better half; that is still something. The tongue has engineered the best and worst of history. Words brought about events like the world war, end of apartheid, colonialism and rebellion. We learn about people who did and said and how that has an impact in our daily living in the present time.

Id love it if i said something (maybe i already have) that will have me remembered. You know those words you keep referring to when you need some clarity. Yeah those ones… someone once said them so that you would chance upon them in the future. Our words are our legacy… quote me!


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