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Picture this

Picture this for a moment. Whatever age you are. Whatever year you were born.  Lets use mine for practicalities sake.  Im 21… quite old if you ask me.  Im heading to my quater crisis and im trying my best not to freak out and have a meltdown but take it graceful. Im not ashamed of my age either…comes with  the maturity. Anyway back to practicality. Im 21. I was born 21 years ago. That is in 1993. At that year millions of other kids were born. In each month thousands on thousands were born. On the particular date plenty were born.

Actually according to wiki answers(and im not exaggerating you can actually google anything) there are 134 million  kids born per year. Around 370,000 per day.  That is  slightly over 15,000 per hour, 250 per minute and about 4 kids every second! The world is having sex. Clearly! There is your evidence. Okay. Okay. I keep sidetracking. Back to base (but that is pretty amazing). Anyway so at the exact moment you were born, you came with your gang of 2 or 3 and in some cases maybe 12 (more births happen at night… scientifically proven)

But back to the larger scale. I was born on the same day as 370,000 thousand other people (i bet they are crazy too). Now as you and the 369,999 others grow older, some have fallen along the way. Some dint even make it past their second hour, others prolly got a case of pneumonia or some other disease, others were born on the wrong side and got ganged down in their street at 13 for stealing. Others maybe were unfortunate in an accident of whatever kind, maybe they were born with hiv and had weak immune systems. Others had crazy parents that dropped them from fourth floors. Others even met the same tragedy.

And as the years roll by your crew of 370,000 undergoes some kinda titanic shit and not even knowing it you are reduced to a handful. Never having an opportunity to meet people who you were born on the same day with coz ‘they dropped from the bandwagon along the way’. By some forces of nature, or God in his utimate awesomeness… has kept you as the elite of those 370,000. Each year that passes… picture that… and thank whomever you thank… for that!


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