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An education system that fails us


Everywhere around the world  education has been hailed and exalted as the stepping stone to that bright and successful future. We crave for it and work hard for that education. From the minute we stop crawling we are put in those patterned uniforms to join fellows like us in the beginning of this quest for knowledge.


Times are changing…  what is this education? It  poses some serious questions
Is it the only way to  success? Is it fundamental and oriented to the changing needs and wants of society? Is the system in our country favourable and in line with our vision and mission for the growth of this country? Is it a fair system? Is education synonymous with school?

There are scores of people in this country of ours going through all the milestones  that this education system has set out for   us. They do this on the belief that the toil  and non sensical equations, symbols and  sequences will prove worthy and give them the success they seek. Not so much true in theory though. Too many graduates are tarmacking, more are doing jobs that have no correlation with what they studied. And the problem there-in lies in the education system Kenya has stuck to since the Queen’s Era in Kenya.

Schooling has become so commercialised that the quality over quantity matter is just a mirage.  Too many people being admitted, too many to the fields they do  not qualify for. In  Kenya at this point in  time all you need is some good money and you might as well buy that degree. Dont get me wrong, not the whole system is flawed. The rot mostly starts in tertiary institutions of learning and more prominently of late in secondary schooling. I believe the country would be  far off better if it kept up with the system  rightly.

In primary we begin learning basic stuff. General “everyone should know to count and read” stuff(although kids are  being  overworked with bogus stuff but that’s for another day). Depending on how good your mustering skills are at this point you are graded and the best go to national schools then provincial and so on. In  high school,  you have now been separated according to how good the system considers your brain to be.  After  this  another  cycle  begins and  another national exam tests your mastery of the “kinda”(loosely  used) complex  stuff. From here the lines get blurred.

What happens is that the government coins a quota system of who should qualify for what depending  on  your grade  in high school.  This is  never adhered to because  people will pay for parallel, others will have their lecturer parents get them inside the classes  of the best courses  and others will pay their way to anything with anything. All this  at the expense of other qualified students who neither have the means nor the money to obtain the same as a result of limited slots. Which leads to a D student getting to be a doctor, engineer etc (i mean how!?!). 


What should happen is the country should create different centers of tertiary learning.  These should offer different career options depending  on the grading system there before. Such that the exceptional minds; race, colour, tribe, social status notwithstanding; get to perfect their niche…each according to their capability. That way even new courses in  line with the vision 2030  even come to play and  technological advancement and country growth is at its maximum. Also… cases such as doctor malpractice(me and healthcare lol) and the likes which i attribute to the  above  problem  are avoided.
But maybe that is  just  my wishful thinking 


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