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The Dreaded Attachments

Most people finishing second or third year have these overwhelming feelings… feelings to do with attachment. You know its a phase you can skip but you are not willing to… a risk you cant afford to take if you are not Uhuru’s son or daughter(i wish i was a first daughter… imagine the opportunities!). So you keep going with the journey you started in school of looking for one…hoping to get a good place because lets face it…as much as you dont want to be bored, you dont want another bore  for the next 3 or 4 months

The journey is always trecherous for the most part. I was lucky  to get two which iv both done and the experience has been  very different (i will not draw comparisons; my previous bosses might see this)

Most dont pay anything and you pray your lucky smart mouth gets you albeit an allowance.(when interning at parastatals and the staff gets deliveries from KFC, Steers, Hilton and what have you … that allowance!)

So you are not used to waking up so early or waking yourself up because its your ass on the line. Dont worry…you are not alone. That wierd environment gets the best of us all. No more nights out if you wake up at 5 or 6 (at night you are usually too tired to even think of that karaoke). No more jeans, funky tops, crazy hair, screaming make up, tights and leggings(ask someone who has never won official or a skirt for that matter…its a nightmare) .

The first days are the worst. The traffic, the anxiety, the dread of being used like a mule, the awkward “now what do i do after finishing this; ask for more work or take a breather”. You pray your boss is not a slave worker to say the least.

When you are used to one or two lessons a day…the working hours are tiring. Doing  fieldwork was too hot a month ago,  now the rain beats you hard like a drum. No wonder our parents are hard with their hard earned cash… its not easy. Especially with kenya now. You wake up and feel “i dont wanna go today” but you  do it anyway … someone else  was not so lucky to get an attachment and the work will still be waiting(oh and an angry boss).

It makes for a somewhat boring life… needless to say… i miss school.
Iv never had a good countdown but 2014… you couldnt come sooner!


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