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The Road i forgot still existed


I remember when  we  were in  high school church was a mandatory requirement…. you couldnt miss it. It was sacred… everything we learnt revolved around seeking God’s guidance. It was great counting on Him. Over the years it seemed to slip away. That assuarance… that certainity… that trust. Life and all its misgivings happened. In God i stopped trusting… Its true that He never leaves… always waiting for us to come back to his able hands.

So the other day i got  a hold of my bible…the one iv had for forever. I had tucked it away somewhere… and it found me…

I had written so much on it and read it so much it even has dog ears… asking myself what happened to those days i used to sleep with my Bible as my companion especially in high school.

Anyway i found sth i wrote to myself back then:

          I wondered why we bother about a second chance until i realised tomorrow’s hope means more than yesterday’s mistakes. If that can make one right, it will go towards settling the equation.
          So i look foward to tomorrow, even when i have just had a horrific day. Even when i am about to collapse due to fatigue at the end of a long day, i hope for a good night’s sleep for tomorrow i will wake up refreshed.
          I realised that i hope, not only for audacity but because i love to live. Not because i am assured of tomorrow’s richness, not  because i have the life i wish i had but because i hope for better days.

To say that was not Feeling powerful would be a lie… and i had a prayer. Every morning id say this to God;

“I love you  Lord,
More than words could ever tell,
You have given me hope for each new day,
I have grace and peace of mind,
I wake every morning
And on seeing another  beautiful day,
I can’t help but overflow with joy,
That i have someone who loves me,
Who cares about  me,
And shows me just how important it is for me to be alive”

On to finding God again.


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