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there is power in the tongue…
there is also power in the pen.
Once out they can never go back. They are as powerful as any weapon on earth. Just like in the movie by the same name( which by the way was phenomenal to say the least! everyone should watch it) . Its with words that freedom is achieved, love is realised, changes are made … words bring out the best and worst in us.

Words change nations, influence decisions, resolve conflict(in some cases create it), grow people, bring ideas to life, give meaning to purpose…

This blogging business has been a tricky one for a while now. What with the slandering and libel it has been used for by many in the social media scene in the name of blogging. You want to write so much and mean so much without it being pegged as hinting or attacking at a particular group or person. On the same front you want to establish your privacy and not put so much of yourself in the public eye.

Weighing your words is harder than most. They have the supernatural ability to put you in the lap of success and all your hearts desires. They can also pit you in the corners of your worst nightmare and leave you wishing you were mumb …

All in all our words define us. They scream this is me… this is what I think … this is how I think it.

the double edged sword that pushes humanity foward {and sometimes backwards}

choose your words wisely… they are all that stand between you and everything.


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