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This is Kenya … the land of milk and honey. We are known the world over (and probably in other worlds and universes if they exist) for alot of things. We are famous for alot having put our name in various facets of the world.
we rule the marathons and races
we have world renowned artists
we are the founders of innovative mobile banking
we are the source of the cradle of mankind
we are the hope that there is life after national violence
we have the most powerful president hailing from here
we are the country of a rich diverse culture and 43 tribes
we are home to one of the 7wonders of the world…

but sadly we are also home to bribing.
        Kenya is notably notorious for the “kitu kidogo” epidemic. Its a disease here that has its roots so deep im not sure how many years we need to pull it out. It has run amock! Like a robot that suddenly made a brain for itself and does not need a master to program it anymore… it has a life of its own… a separate legal entity.

We are probably earmarked by every criminal agency in the world. Interpol, CSI, FBI, UN…. you name it.

This is the reason we are top ten in the most corrupt countries in the world. The reason why Kenya is among the worst places to be born in…

Everything in Kenya falls prey to “kitu kidogo” … the honest way is no longer enough. It takes many forms from money, belongings, even your body!

you want to pass… toa(pay up)
you want to use the roads… toa
you want a business license… toa
you want to keep operating … toa
you want to get ahead and you pretty … toa
you want a job … toa
you want fast processing of papers … toa
you want to get away with crime, the courts … toa

the list is endless

this country is ailing from something sick, something immoral …
if there is a way foward im not sure because the givers can’t stop without suffering … its only if the takers end this abhorrent behaviour.


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