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Family …. that unit in life that describes so much. our first taste of association. How we perceive the world begins from here. Each such unit has its own dynamics. Whether made of single mother, single father, both parents, adopted parents, gay parents(dont crucify me for this)… All these units can also have any number of siblings ranging from none to how many the parents in question can cough up… but despite all these different dynamics …. there are basic home truths that can be subscribed to each and every one of these family dynamics… home truths that trascend age, race, colour, nationality, tribe, country or language

family is love, care, tenderness…
family is truth, openness, honesty…
family is humility, simplicity, capability…
family is forgiveness, second chances, new leaves…
family is loyalty, protectiveness, safety
family is laughter, tears, shoulders to lean on ….

People dont always have to be related to be family. Sometimes family blood is not always thicker than water. More often than not those to pull you down are family. When jealousy, hatred, bitterness, rivalry … these are not family qualities…but they link families…
         they bring out the worst to bring out the best.

the instincts we have to our loved ones we share blood with are second to none…. the strongest being maternal. You wear each other down, tear each other up, bicker to a pulp, make each other fed up… but in the end… that  bond makes us sleep better at night. It teaches us lessons..
not just for a moment or day… but for a lifetime.

what is family to you?…


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