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These Turbulent Relationships

Just about a few hours ago iv read an interesting blog and it got me thinking seriously…. about relationships. sometimes they define us… a lot of times they make us. But always they cast a glimpse at who we truly are. we all love the thrill, the excitement, and for others who are sadist, the pain that relationships bring. Being in university, iv had the opportunity to observe many( i must say i have not had much experience in the said department). Majority are not taken seriously. They are just a joke. That’s what irks me for the most part. because there are things that happen that most people shed only a light on when they are with their “boys” or “girls”.

Men… girls get really frustrated sometimes… you chase after this girl your heart beats faster for and do everything to win her heart. Girls love that and eventually they fall and fall hard. They believe this guy worked so hard and will be especially good to them. Sad is when they turn out to be jerks. He takes the affection for granted because you are “at his mercy”… whereby the ultimatum is if you cant stand the heat… get out of the kitchen. We hear you… We just use all our strength to make it work instead of always pulling the we are done line. Try making someone feel as wanted as you want them for a change. Or declare you are not about that vybe from the word go…it makes sifting through the mess that is dating all the more easier

Girls… honestly are their own worst enemies… They will do anything to take their friend’s men( never underestimate the power of a woman on a mission). I used to think that its not rocket science; that someone should figure out through common sense not to entertain another person’s man. But in this day and age iv come to see anything goes.And that’s where guys find chiqs failing… and behind closed doors they will call you loose, stupid etc (they cant dare tell it to your face coz then they wont get that pussy you are always offering). all the while when some rules are change.

We are all pushed to corners and our beliefs challenged… but what stays is that the nature of relationships changes with the stage you are in at that point in your life and making others aware of your stage is crucial and of paramount importance. Deception can only get you so far…

Still discovering more on the male and female species as life unravels…



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