Poetry · Society

The gift of tomorrow

in the words of my good friend … I needed this :

Mistakes are made
Promises broken
Loved ones die
Hearts are hurt
Dreams shattered
People lie
People talk
Life gets harder
Wrong decisions
Wrong moves
Fucked up relationships
Broke ……almost poor

We all know what we are passing through right now
Sometimes life has no meaning
Nothing to live for or look foward to
Don’t kill yourself…… you aint alone
We all in this together
Same hell … different devils
We hustle hard because there is one gift we all have


A chance to correct mistakes
Start over
Renew our strengths
Change opinions
Better ourselves
Prove to the world
Find ourselves

Nobody said its easy, its not.
It does not matter how many times you start over and fall because one day you will start over and do it perfectly in a way you couldn’t imagine.

A chance
A gift
Light at the end of the tunnel.
It gets better

The hustle continues…… Tomorrow.


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