Oh boy!!!

Its dark its cold
im weary im sold
And the year ends I struggle with reality
Because my fantasy creeps up on me like a disease
I want to sleep and wake with angels
Know no happiness…because it cannot come without sorrow
Life is a contradiction of itself
there is always room for shades of grey
But more often than not
We want it in black and white
Clear and simple
Knowing too well the truth is something we seldom handle with grace and stead of the noble mighty rulers
when born we are either male or female
We grow up to learn between good and evil
The contrasts increase since how we take everything in life determines everything
Choosing between to live or die
That it must not be physical but spiritual
Falling in love or hate….. seems options with a fair chance of dancing with fate
We dream and fall by the way
Eaten away by our insecurities and follies
Gullible even with our sixth sense in overdrive
Its life ….at the end of the day …its life


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