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RAPE …. I cry

Nine year old raped and infected with HIV
Four year old defiled and strangled to death
Foreigner pays mother to look the other way as he defiles her 13 year old daughter
Businesswoman gang raped to death
Daughter raped next to her and left in critical state
24 year old raped with glass bottle to death
Naked decapitated female body dumped by roadside
ex husband rapes n cuts out her tongue, breasts, eyes, and genitals
Man rapes three daughters and sets them on fire
Uncle continually rapes niece for six years
These things are not from a novel
They are not from a movie
They happen ….
In Kenya
The land we call home
Where is the outrage
When did the madness start
This is real life horror….
And my eyes shed tears…. for these n the many more not heard ….everyday a woman a daughter a child an elderly a female is raped ….
I weep….. because beastility does not come close ….
Humanity needs to be restored to human kind ….
It’s crazy that even as we grow as a species that is evolving into itself there are still crazies out there. Statistically more than 250,000 cases are reported annually. That is not counting those that do not make it to do so. Our society has been ruled by injustice and both men and women are facing this but the sad and harsh reality is that the women are undergoing this brutality. We see it everyday in our news, on social media…
We have eroded fundamental trust because who wants to go to their doctor and be taken advantage of. Many women groups have come up in arms to support this cause but the root of it all is the rot that is in the minds of people who carry out these sinful pervasive deeds.
Being a victim of rape is the worst thing that can happen to anyone…because you are sort of walking dead… small things remind you of what happened. You can’t escape it. It haunts you like a creeping shadow in the night that wants to steal your very soul.
I wish words could suffice. I wish there was some sort of test people could be put through to gauge their “rape potential”. Maybe we could rid the scourge before it even began. Maybe we wouldn’t have to ask God impertinent questions like why He would let such things happen under His watch. Let’s blame it on the devil….let’s blame it on so many things… Some people have raped their friends, their nieces, their cousins, their daughters…they read these articles…they see the struggle…the campaigns… maybe they mock the efforts, they smile slyly and think of the activists as idiots because they believe they will never get caught.
Examining the conscience is the first step. Because even God asked that we have clean hearts and minds… none of this nonsense that is rape would be happening.
Every time I see a rape case in the news or in the paper’s or in the media…I wonder…has it really come to this…maybe the world is really ending


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