Poetry · Relationships


What is love? So to ask,
Is it a feeling or a lie,
To hide what is in us,
I LOVE YOU …… weighty words, 
It is said love is sweet….
Love is pure ….
Love knows not boundaries, 
But do we believe this?
Do you believe in pure love?
One that has no pain …. no tears? 
I fathom it is lost out there, 
Perhaps masked in unknowing, 
But love is real…. just that….
Seems to evade with each try, 
Change of tactic may do the trick, 
Let love find you in your heart, 
Though remember its a guarantee, 
To pain, jealousy, mistrust and hate, 
Only if you are the lesser person, 
Who sees not beyond the horizons, 
And love is a choice not a trap, 
A choice that is paradoxical, 
Ever so confusing …. but lovely, 
Love is real but real love ….
Maybe rare but so sure it exists


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