The furry and fuzzy of life

In this life you can’t please everyone. For a while I tried to carry on that way and then I sat back and thought. Im going to end up miserable at this rate. When we were younger we went with the flow, not caring which kid played with who.happiness reigned in youth as the only option. But time flies, we grow (up or old), whichever comes first ….and kids we cease to be. In those fleeting moments you understand how complicated life can get. So fragile but in moments of dire desperation leading to meltdowns and breakdowns. Men begin to lie about women and women …well…lie about alot of things (in the end its all just the same). It gets harder to speak your mind as you please even though you know your life would get a little bit better if you did. Denial, uncertainty, risks, tension, rumours and hurt become a daily dosage ….and suddenly we can’t keep up with the turning tables of life ….we always want to make the right decisions in life, much as the wrong ones are befitting and alluring. We seek closure afterwards yet it is never properly,formally and unarguably finished.
All in all, the curtains close, applaud is over and instead of feeling anger and more….you are left tired and drained. Of explaining, proving yourself, hurting, tired of asking for benefit of doubt ….especially so in matters of love.
It just deems the option is to take a chill pill. For those you wrong you apologize, for those you haven’t cheers, for those you will :sometimes shit happens and its not always your fault.
some distance is needed hoping it is true that absence diminishes minor passions and inflames great ones … as the wind douses a candle and fans a fire
Eventually hope is that the decisions wont be as hard to make this time round


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