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**Past It**

Articles in the paper offer alot of insight …more than even that which you get from walking on the streets. Its a straight ticket to easy understanding of life. That said I read an article and im inclined to share the pointers on habits that follow a code of conduct. Habits that per sè are not permissible past certain age restrictions ….for most of my friends you have but a few years left to stop them. Those that are still holding on….go look for the fountain of youth or GTFO
sagging jeans!?!? Really? Are you fourteen. Leave that mediocrity to the acne ravaged fields of puberty.
Drinking yourself to a stupor is for college….you leave it there together with the 3cm mattress you threw your wasted body on every night.
As for men fighting over women …what are you, 17? If she wants to be with you she will be with you and not confused over who to be with. If another man lays claim on her and she does not deny it let him have her. Same case applies to women …you can’t keep a man who does not want to be with you.
Airing your problems on radio or social media will not help you. It will just attract jokes and ridicule and also show how shallow you are. Whatever happens behind closed doors(if its not life threatening) should remain there. If you can’t handle it leave.
posting naked pictures may excite and get you “friends” and followers but really?? ….some class
If you are a man never pick a fight with a woman …unless she is holding a knife to your nether regions.
You must learn to let go of people who mean nothing in your life. This is probably the most valuable thing you will ever do in your life. Hangers on can be spotted a mile away …get them off your back
Those are some of the things that should separate you from a zoo animal past a certain age


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